This game was created during the Global Game Jam 2013 in Munich.

For more information visit the Global Game Jam project website "Stay Calm".


Florian Smolka


Lukas Lang
Michael Kugler
Michel Wacker

Sound & Story Writing

Michael Niederreiter

Special Thanks:

Global Game Jam Organisation
Global Game Jam Munich Organisation
Tom Wendel
Alex Zacherl
Martin Laarmann


This game uses sounds from, License: Creative Commons 0

Car Crash Edit Two.aif by JD_Falotico
Hubcap2.wav by snardin42
CarStartSkidCrash.wav by musicmasta1
Lock rattle 5.wav by Adam_N
wood breaking.aiff by SoundCollectah
Barrel Break 4.wav by kevinkace
Hitting Wood by altfuture
creepy.wav by chromaphore
[Eric Brosius] - TDS OST - 15 - Shalebridge Cradle.mp3 by Aryx
House_creak_door_squeak.aif by vrodge
18 Close Door.wav by adegenerate
Door_slam_1.wav by Adam_N
Car Door Handle.wav by RutgerMuller
door.wav by atharv
zippo.wav by crescendo
Lighter.wav by Zoom H4
HeartBeatNEW.aif by Woodingp
lighter.wav by gloriaeffect
Male voice screaming loudly by Dinsfire
3 Screams.mp3 by LasciviousGork
ekg.wav by guitarguy1985
Key Chain.wav by pwausc1
opening window.wav by animationIsaac
picking_up_cell_phone_off_of_countertop.wav by daboy291
License: Attribution Noncommercial

Town amb - summer, day.WAV by eric5335
used for Ending